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DIY Llama Doll

What is more amazing than a talking llama? A spelling bee! 
We love this adorable llama craft made by Ruby of My Cakies! What a great way to recycle that old sweater you love and what a fun little gift to give someone you love!
To make a little llama of your own, follow the directions below!
Llama template (draw out the desired size of llama shape)
Old sweaters
Coordinating thread
Embroidery floss
Hand-sewing needle
(download our llama template HERE)
1) Using your llama template, place on top of the sweater and cut out. 
2) Place the right sides of your llama together, and sew around leaving a 2-inch opening.
3) Turn your llama right side out and fill with poly-fil. 
4) Hand-sew the opening closed. 
5) Embroider on your llama face. 
6) Decorate with some ribbons and bows!